Thermoforming yields airtight designs and truly unique customized packaging options. Learn more about our process and plastic food packaging options today.

Our professional thermoformers cover all bases when it comes to plastic food packaging designs. Food packaging must be unique because food products are unique. Each has a different recipe, a different appearance, and a different expiration date. To accommodate these differences, we produce unique designs, like plastic clamshells and thermoformed trays, to protect, present, and preserve your company’s selection.

Before crafting a prototype, our design specialists will first ask you specific questions about your product, your brand identity, and what is required to keep your food at the peak of freshness. This means that whether you grow grapes, manufacture frozen dinners, or run a restaurant, Plastic Ingenuity’s design team and thermoformers can craft distinctive plastic food packaging that meets all of your specifications to perfection.

Thermoforming produces superior packaging for food.

Our thermoformers compress heated plastic sheets over customized molds to create packaging with no air pockets and no variation from the desired shape. Essentially, our plastic food packaging will conform perfectly to your products (or leave room for delicate products, like leafy greens) and provide an airtight surface seal that protects your food from going stale or oxidizing.

Because we extrude plastic sheets on-site, our thermoformers can determine the thickness of the plastic down to the micron. As a result, the plastic food packaging is completely customized and essentially impervious, ready to stand up to human error, shipping anomalies, and more.

Find out why our custom thermoformers are the best in the business.

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