Introducing plastic clamshell packaging—your company’s solution to shipping, storage, and more!

Whether you work in the restaurant or farming sector, you know how important storage is to your industry. Plastic packaging provides an ideal solution to this problem, and clamshell packaging is the go-to solution.

In addition to retaining moisture that is critical to keeping fruits and vegetables at their freshest, clamshell packaging is an ideal product packaging for food, as it offers the utmost protection for fragile products like eggs and figs.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider developing a custom packaging design or ordering clamshell packaging from our limited inventory of stock products. Please be aware that while we strive to meet the needs of our clients, our stock items are limited.

Clamshell Packaging is Easy to Open

Since your products will eventually end up in the hands of consumers, it’s important that they can open it easily. Softer plastic packaging, like bags that require cutting or tearing, rarely works out well—we’ve all accidentally ripped a bag while opening it. Clamshell packaging makes this process easier by utilizing plastic that is virtually impossible to tear with bare hands. Moreover, the containers can be closed completely when no longer in use, prolonging the lives of your food products. In addition to these benefits, our clamshell packaging can incorporate tamper-evident features, assuring the consumer that the food they are purchasing is safe for consumption.

Clamshell Packaging is Recyclable

We make all of our plastic packaging out of high-quality plastics, like polyethylene and polypropylene, both of which are recyclable. We emboss all of our clamshell packaging with the appropriate recycling icon. We also provide bio-degradable packaging options for interested clients.

Clamshell Packaging is Transparent

Customers are eager to assess the condition of their food. If you work in the restaurant industry, this may not be a priority, but it is essential for produce and other fresh foods. By using clamshell packaging, you are allowing customers to examine eggs without opening the carton, to scrutinize loose greens, and to examine the color and ripeness of fruit.

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