Clamshell packages are useful across several fields of industry, but they are particularly useful for food packaging. Clamshells combine the best in form and function to provide superior clasping and sterility.

When it comes to food packaging, clamshells are among the most versatile methods available to various levels of the food industry. Whether you run a small business or a high-end restaurant, you, your staff, and your customers will enjoy the utility of clamshell packages. We offer a number of different sizes and clasping options, but that isn’t the extent of our ability to produce custom packaging. We can also produce custom shapes. This means indented plastic clamshells that conform to tomatoes and other produce, portioned dishes for frozen dinners, and more unique packaging. Clamshells from Plastic Ingenuity can be as specific or utilitarian as your company needs them to be.

Clamshell packages for every purpose, every business, every customer.

We never outsource our work to other companies, so you won’t need to worry about paying a middleman. Because we control all aspects of manufacturing, you’ll find that our packaging for food is just as affordable as it is durable and reliable. And we are happy to add little details to custom packaging orders. We can emboss your logo on each clamshell package, add perforations to ensure the freshness of its contents, and even use bio-degradable plastic if your company is keen on going green. When it comes to our packaging, clamshells can be just as plain or elaborate as you want, so don’t hesitate to approach us with special requests.

Examples of Our Clamshell Packages

To date, we’ve done endless variations on clamshell packaging. Some of the highlights include:

  • Plastic Egg Cartons
  • Take-Out Boxes
  • Thermoformed Fruit Containers
  • Clamshells for Leafy Vegetables
  • Salad Bar Clamshells

Our design specialists and the rest of our team are always up for a challenge, so don’t hesitate to contact us with unusual requests!

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