No matter what sector of the food industry you work in, you know how critical a good packaging manufacturer can be in prolonging shelf life and enhancing your branding efforts.

Plastic food packaging comprises everything from your basic plastic bag to elaborate packaging for frozen dinners. In some cases, you need plastic that is bake-safe; in others, you just need it to keep your produce fresh. Here are just a few of the plastic food packaging options available at Plastic Ingenuity.

Clamshells provide utilitarian plastic food packaging.

Apart from bags, you won’t find a more ubiquitous type of plastic food packaging than the clamshell package. That’s why packaging manufacturers now provide multiple options when it comes to clamshells. At PI, we specialize in customized plastic packaging, such as a clamshell package that conforms to the lines of your food products, but our custom packaging solutions extend far beyond this type of plastic packaging.

Clamshells separate food into individual compartments.

We’ve all seen how useful compartments are in packaging multiple food products together. Whether you produce TV dinners, chip-and-dip combinations, or any other combination, as an innovative packaging manufacturer, Plastic Ingenuity will create compartmentalized plastic food packaging that is as attractive as it is useful.

Customized Food Packaging for Your Unique Products

If you are looking for something a little different or see plastic food packaging as a way to set you above your competitors, Plastic Ingenuity can help. We will consult with you regarding the dimensions and physical requirements of your product, then generate a prototype in about a week. We will incorporate graphics and emboss your logo—whatever you need to make your products stand out on the shelf.

To learn more about our innovative plastic food packaging, call us directly at 608-798-3071 or contact us online.