The food services industry is as diverse as it is integral to our society, and it demands unique plastic food packaging solutions at every stage, from harvest to restaurant leftovers.

Safety is Our First Priority in Plastic Food Packaging

With a commitment to safety, several of Plastic Ingenuity’s facilities have been granted level three Safe Quality Food (SQF) requirements. This means that our plastic packaging facilities are uniquely suited to meeting national and international food safety regulations. As a result, professionals in the food industry and their customers can rest assured that food held in Plastic Ingenuity’s plastic food packaging is completely secure, while being protected against oxidation and harmful pathogens.

You Benefit from Quality Plastic Food Packaging

There are a number of unique benefits that come with choosing Plastic Ingenuity to package your products. Because we meet the highest SQF certification, your company will enjoy:

  • Competitive advantages against other plastic food packaging companies
  • Confidence in food safety, quality, and legality
  • Enhanced marketing image
  • Cost advantages
  • Consistent improvement in meeting audit standards
  • Increased yield due to material waste reduction
  • Proof of due diligence

Our plastic food packaging will increase your output and ensure that your facilities and food pass regulatory audits quickly. This will reduce the amount of waste and ensure your clients receive your products quickly.

Other Plastic Food Packaging Solutions

We provide plastic clamshell containers for restaurants and a number of additional plastic food packaging solutions for members of the food service industry. If you require a customized product packaging solution, we can put a customized design into production quickly.

How to Reach Us

If your company is in need of customized plastic food packaging with speedy packaging design and production, look no further! Contact Plastic Ingenuity today at (608) 798-3071 or online to consult with one of our packaging specialists.