Find out how utilitarian PET packaging can be at Plastic Ingenuity!

Each type of packaging plastic has unique properties when it comes to durability, components, flexibility, and ideal use. And while most plastics are highly versatile, PET packaging is put to so many different uses that accounting for all of the industries and applications would be exhaustive.

Its properties make PET packaging versatile.

Polyethylene terephthalate, the plastic used in PET packaging, is used to make polyester and other textiles, sails, plastic bakeware, blister packs, drink bottles, and more consumer products. On its own, it is reasonably flexible, though the addition of glass fibers and particles can make it stiffer depending on the needs. Adding different components to PET packaging is analogous to creating a metal alloy—we are able to add different materials to yield a final product containing the properties of all.

How Does This Translate to PET Packaging?

Experimenting with the properties of polyethylene terephthalate allows plastic packaging manufacturers an incredible degree of flexibility when they design custom packaging. In addition to creating unique designs, the production team at Plastic Ingenuity is able to customize the plastic itself. This allows us to create custom packaging that varies in size, flexibility, durability, firmness, and other critical factors in plastic packaging. Upon consulting with our clients, we are able to construct packaging that perfectly adheres to your company’s expectations and your products’ specifications.

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