While different companies and food items have their own specific requirements regarding food safety and plastic packaging, certain quality specifications remain the same across the board. Because safety and sanitation are such major concerns in the food packaging industry, it’s crucial that you work with a plastic manufacturer experienced with different types of materials and styles of packages.

Customized and High-Volume Productions

Plastic packaging designed for food products doesn’t have to be neutral—when you work with a plastic packaging company specializing in custom solutions, you can get completely original and unique products designed around your business. Conversely, if you are interested in a more neutral design, manufacturers can use existing molds to create cost-efficient products—in some of these cases, they may be able to do so without the product ever being handled, making them even more safe and sanitary.

Food and Plastic Packaging Certifications

The food service industry is heavily regulated to ensure the safest conditions and products, and that includes the plastic packaging in which food is placed. Food safety certification programs have the authority to certify plastic manufacturers based on their ability to safely produce high-quality products that meet food safety regulations. This ensures consistency for the manufacturer’s clients, giving them the peace of mind that the packaging they use for their product is always safe.

Plastic Varieties and Uses

Some types of plastic are better-suited for food service applications than others, and not all of them are applicable for the same type of food-related used. For example, CPET plastics are tough enough to be heated in the oven or microwave, whereas PET plastics would melt. PET plastics, however, may be better suited for holding beverages like purified water, as they are perfectly clear. Because of these idiosyncrasies, you must be certain that your plastic packaging company is well-versed in the pros and cons of different plastics, and how they can safely be manipulated for your food-related needs.

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