Set your product apart from competitors by going custom. Plastic food packaging from Plastic Ingenuity serves to highlight and maintain the quality of your product.

If you, or your subsidiary farms, work in a region known for a particular crop, the odds are good that you grow the same product as your competitors. This is great for regional exposure, but when the time comes to set your crops apart from the competition, you may have difficulty going off appearances alone. That’s why Plastic Ingenuity offers customized product packaging—to bring all eyes to your product through the use of distinctive, functional plastic food packaging.

Our plastic food packaging protects against decay, the elements, human error, and more.

We offer a variety of packaging plastics that are guaranteed to maintain moisture levels and prevent early decay through innovative, eco-friendly designs. They provide far more protection from damage than standard bags made from paper or tissue-thin plastic. Food packaging from Plastic Ingenuity also provides shoppers with a clear view of your product, while protecting it against excessive handling, squeezing, bruising, and dropping. As a result, you’ll see a dramatically reduced loss in products and increase your profits in the process!

We are proud to serve the entire food industry with high-quality product packaging.

While we are happy to serve farmers and farming corporations across the U.S., Plastic Ingenuity is committed to providing unique, affordable product packaging to all levels of the food industry. This includes:

  • Clamshell Packaging for Leafy Greens
  • Clamshell Containers for Take-Out and Storage
  • Blister Packaging for Candy and Gum
  • Thermoformed Plastic Trays for Transportation and Display
  • Clamshell Cartons for Eggs
  • More Unique, Custom Plastic Food Packaging

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If you require unique product packaging to display, store, and protect your food products, Plastic Ingenuity is ready to provide you with dedicated service. Contact our team for assistance.