The most well-rounded plastic packaging manufacturers offer solutions other than just custom packaging, because they know that not every product demands a fully customized container. One of the best examples of this is food packaging, which can be more cost-effective and versatile when purchased in stock sizes.

By avoiding the tooling cost of custom packaging, you can purchase specific sizes you need in whatever quantities you need. Here at Plastic Ingenuity, we focus on high-volume orders for our stock packaging to assure you are receiving good value.

Affordability of Stock Plastic Packaging

Because it is mass produced without any customization, stock plastic packaging is more affordable than custom packaging. Ideally, the company from which you order stock packaging also designs it with some measure of uniformity—for example, you may be able to use the same size lid on containers of varying sizes.

That uniformity can save you space, as stock packaging is efficiently stacked. And, because the packaging has already been made, you can order amounts suitable to your needs.

Customization Options

Using stock plastic packaging doesn’t mean that you can’t make your mark on whoever sees it. Depending on your manufacturer, you may have options for custom engraving your packaging, so it bears your logo or company name. That way, you still offer a type of custom packaging without the expense that can accompany a fully customized design and unique production line.

Designed for Easy, Safe Use

A savvy plastic manufacturer designs and creates plastic packaging that is optimized for your use in both manual and automated applications. Whether your food is packaged on an assembly line or by hand in a deli, then its size, shape, and opening/closing functionality is designed for seamless use.

Your plastic manufacturer should always create food packaging to the highest safety specifications, whether it’s stock or custom. It should always be manufactured using FDA-approved materials, and it should form a tight seal that protects the containers contents.

More Information About Stock Food Packaging

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