Plastic food packaging, like our plastic trays, will make everything from shipping to presentation a little easier. From farm to restaurant, from shipping container to grocery store, our plastic trays will protect, store, and display your products to best effect.

As a packaging manufacturer, we know the role that quality plastic food packaging can play in branding your product, but we also know that you need plastic trays that are durable and attractive.

Custom trays protect food during shipping, stocking, and beyond.

The plastic manufacturers at PI produce custom trays in a variety of packaging plastics, all of which will help to maintain moisture levels and extend shelf life.

Our plastic trays are made only from the most durable plastic to better protect against damage from puncture or mishandling. Plastic food packaging will keep your products looking good from farm to shelf, meaning that your customers will see your product at the peak of freshness, increasing your sales and maintaining your brand’s reputation for high-quality food items.

Our packaging manufacturers go beyond plastic trays, providing optimal packaging.

The packaging manufacturing team at PI is proud to serve farmers and food corporations across the U.S. With years in this industry, Plastic Ingenuity provides unique, durable plastic trays and other innovative packaging designs across the food industry. These include:

  • Thermoformed Plastic Trays in Custom Shapes
  • Thermoformed Clamshells for Eggs
  • Clamshell Options for Leafy Greens
  • Clamshell Containers for Restaurants
  • Blister Packaging for Candy and Batteries
  • More!

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