Vacuum forming yields food packaging that is airtight, durable, and affordable.

A number of considerations go into the production of plastic food packaging. Before crafting a prototype, the design specialists at Plastic Ingenuity will first ask you about what type of food you are packaging, whether the packaging will be used to contain multiple food products, the temperature requirements for the food in question, the dimensions of the food, and what protections must be in place to ensure that the food is fresh and intact by the time it reaches consumers.

Whether you produce rotisserie chicken, frozen dinners, or fresh produce, vacuum forming can be used to create a food packaging design that will meet your specifications, and your food’s requirements.

How vacuum forming creates superior packaging.

Vacuum forming is defined as the compression of heated plastic sheets over custom molds. The process is called vacuum forming because the techniques we use create no air pockets and no delineations from the desired shape, creating a vacuum between the plastic sheet and the mold. This in turn produces plastic packaging that conforms perfectly to your shape specifications and provides an airtight surface, or seal, that protects your food from oxidation and damage.

We extrude our own plastic sheets on-site and can determine the thickness of the plastic down to the millimeter. As a result, our customized packaging is durable, customized, and designed to fit your products perfectly.

Order plastic food packaging made through vacuum forming.

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