Our team redesigned the tray for an implantable device in a catheter delivery system. The new medical packaging not only protects the device, but is unique because of its length, perforated hinges, snap features, and overall innovative roll-fed technologies.

Packaging Features:

When our team redesigned the packaging for this catheter delivery system, we made changes for both structural and sanitation advancements. The previous plastic packaging for the catheter delivery system utilized two hinges and 12 die cuts in which three wires were tied. This package also relied on a friction fit to stay secure. Our PETG plastic tray packaging redesign features an additional snap hinge—with two at both ends and one in the middle—and only four die cuts to create a tighter seal for higher security. Now the product rests in the package and three hinges snap down to keep the product securely in place. There is no need for extra labor or wrapping wiring through die cuts to tie the part down. To make the perforated hinges functional and easy to snap, we utilized a slotted cavity. We also enhanced the accessibility to open the product, allowing users to access the package easily, which is crucial during time-sensitive medical operations.

Packaging teams must adhere to strict considerations when producing medical tray designs. Like most medical devices, it is imperative that the products remain secure and packaged in highly sterile environments to ensure the safety of patients. To comply with sanitation standards, PI developed the redesigned catheter delivery system tray in a clean-room environment to eliminate any outside impurities and ensure the catheter remains uncontaminated.

This package represents a new thermoforming technique for larger, longer trays. Instead of being sheet-fed, this package is roll-fed making the process five times faster and less expensive. PI’s vertically integrated operations and thermoforming technology allowed us to produce the 47” catheter delivery system tray packaging redesign at two-thirds the price of normal sheet-fed packaging. Additionally, by milling down levels of the hinges, the package redesign permits gas and air to travel through the package, allowing for fewer die cuts, which reduces overall part price. Our custom packaging machinery also effectively enhanced lead times.

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47.36" x 7.72" x 2.16"