Because of the stability they offer, plastic trays are a popular choice for holding and shipping medical and pharmaceutical products. Our team created a custom packaging design perfectly suited for securing these medical pens during transit and storage.

Packaging Features:

Custom thermoformed plastic trays are ideal for holding delicate instruments like those used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This type of custom packaging is always designed to client specifications, necessitating the creation of a custom mold for every set of trays. This ensures that the tray is able to provide a firm grip on the product—products like syringes snap into place, and the tray makes it virtually impossible for them to fall out unintentionally.

While trays can be made from virtually any type of material, our team used HIPS for this package design. A staple of food and medical applications, HIPS is flexible but brittle, relatively low-cost and extremely hygienic (it is often used for disposable cutlery, for example). Using HIPS ensured that the pharmaceutical products held in the tray would be contained by a sanitary material.

Because they’re designed to snugly hold a product like these pharmaceutical pens, plastic trays must be made with a high level of precision—if the packaging company is off by a fraction of an inch, the product could come loose. With careful tooling, though, a custom mold allows the manufacturer to create a high volume of trays in an efficient operation.

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