Creating the ideal product packaging requires choosing both the best shape and the most practical material. When a leader in the lawn care industry needed secure packaging that could hold multiple products and sit comfortably on a shelf in a retail store, they turned to our packaging engineers.

Packaging Features:

Lawn care industry leader, Scott’s came to us looking for a new and improved take on an old design. Previously, they had used a clamshell design to house this product, an advanced spray nozzle with a bottle on either side.

Our team redesigned the product packaging to take the form of a large cavity blister, which would hold the spray nozzle and one bottle. The bottle would be positioned behind the nozzle, not to the side, making the plastic packaging a better fit for retail environments.

To further maximize the product packaging’s shelf appeal, our packaging experts purposefully distributed the product’s weight inside the blister and shaped the package so that it could stand up straight. This allowed the package to sit on a retail shelf while also providing a broad, flat surface for printed material.

Finally, the product’s weight and type determined the best material for the plastic packaging. PI used PVC, which is relatively strong and resistant to leaks and cracks, along with other benefits. Notably, PVC is receptive to chemical additives that imbue it with specific properties. In this case, the PVC packaging was made with UV inhibitors to block out light. Because the product includes liquids that must be preserved, PI used UV inhibitors to prevent sunlight from degrading and compromising the contents.

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