In keeping with Plastic Ingenuity’s long-term commitment to environmental responsibility, PI has developed paper pulp thermoforming capabilities.

Pulp Thermoforming

Pulp thermoforming is used to create durable and smooth dual-sided packaging that can be used in a number of industrial and commercial venues and is an alternative to petroleum-based products. Plastic Ingenuity has invested in specialized pulp thermoforming equipment so that we can offer these innovative and environmentally responsible products to our customers.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Molded Fiber Packaging

In many cases, molded fiber packaging can be used on their own or to complement traditional petroleum-based packaging products.

This innovative new technology offers our customers the chance to promote their products with a novel packaging type. Molded fiber products include clam shell designs, trays, inserts, and other items designed to protect and position products either independently or inside other types of packaging.

Our pulp-based thermoforming and molded fiber packaging products are one more way that Plastic Ingenuity demonstrates our commitment to preserving the environment. Since our founding in 1972, we have consistently worked and engaged in research to find better, greener ways to produce packaging solutions for the general marketplace. Today, we continue that tradition with innovative and sustainable solutions.