Wisconsin Green Tier is the first program of its kind in the nation. Under Green Tier, qualified businesses and associations make binding commitments to superior environmental performance.Plastic Ingenuity

In exchange, these businesses are given incentives proportional to their environmental commitments. Green Tier enables good environmental actors to perform even better and recognizes their work. This allows the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to focus its resources on those facilities that need greater attention and assistance in meeting environmental requirements.

Plastic Ingenuity is an acknowledged Tier 1 participant in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Green Tier program.

Smart recycling and energy strategies also set a strong example for other businesses to follow by bringing business and environmental goals together. Located next to Black Earth Creek, a Class I trout stream, our Cross Plains, WI facility has taken numerous steps to protect its waters.

Major changes in temperature can cause a negative impact on the habitat within that stream.

We have developed multiple rain gardens to reduce the effects of storm water run-off that might impact the stream. Water is captured by these gardens and utilized by the plant life within the garden, reducing the amount of water that would have previously run directly into the storm water system and then dispatched in the trout stream. The goal is that all storm water run-off on the facility be captured by a secondary system and never enter the creek through the municipal storm water system. These rain gardens have made a tremendous impact towards that effort.

Besides our rain gardens and rock weeper dam, run-off filters and grassed swales remove pollutants from our storm water.

A stringent pellet loss program is in place to prevent spills of the small plastic pellets that serve as raw material, and 99% of our scrap material is either reused or sold. Through the Environmental Management System, which is an important part of participating in Green Tier, Plastic Ingenuity aims to continue to build on past environmental achievements.

We recently replaced all of our HD and T12 lighting fixtures with T8 fixtures.

In addition, occupancy sensors were added in the warehouse to keep the lights on for 12 minutes and turn off when not occupied. The combination of these two efforts has reduced energy consumption in the lighting system by 66%.

Plastic Ingenuity

A significant number of items are recycled or reused at Plastic Ingenuity:

Aerosol cans, aluminum, antifreeze, scrap plastic, scrap PVC banding, batteries, corrugated, skids, used oils, stretch-wrap, office paper, and scrap steel are just a few examples of some of the items recycled or reused. PI recycles 100% of recyclable products, and as a result we have reduced our land fill contributions by over 500%.