Creating safe, sterile medical device packaging for the most sensitive, life-saving equipment out there.

Whether you make insulin monitors for patient use or more advanced equipment, you know how to secure the working parts and ensure the device will work without fail for all patients. Given your precision and commitment to excellence, you are more than aware of how critical medical device packaging is to your industry. It carries all operational information, warnings, storage information, a list of compatible devices and more, but it also protects these devices during transportation and heavy use.

Advanced medical device packaging for nearly every type of equipment.

We can design medical device packaging that adheres to your product perfectly, leaving no room for motion during transportation. As a manufacturer of plastic with decades of experience serving the medical community, Plastic Ingenuity accounts for all aspects of protection, including temperature control, light protection, protection against humidity, sterility, and any other requirements your devices have.

We produce medical device packaging under strict conditions.

We’ve built and maintained clean rooms that meet all federal standards regarding medical and pharmaceutical packaging. You won’t find another manufacturer of plastic more committed to the integrity of our packaging or more experienced when it comes to medical devices packaging. We ensure that all particulate, including plastic shavings and dust, is kept far away from our sterile packaging facilities, ensuring the quality of our packaging and the safety of your devices.

Order medical device packaging and other medical industry packaging today.