We create packaging solutions for the most complex problems presented in medical device packaging.

Medical devices can be tricky to package unless you are experienced in developing medical packaging. In addition to accounting for the delicate inner workings of each device, a packaging company must often control for additional factors, such as acceptable temperature ranges and humidity levels. While medical devices are often delivered through more secure methods than other items, they are still subject to human error. Patient products, such as blood sugar or warfarin monitors, face the additional risk of being dropped by patients or caretakers. Producing sturdy medical equipment helps to prevent damage, but Plastic Ingenuity offers a number of additional packaging solutions to ensure that your medical device packaging prevents damage and contamination.

Our packaging solutions account for the type of equipment you produce.

Whether you produce medical equipment for patients or practitioners, we will design medical device packaging that conforms to the lines of your device and complies with other packaging elements, such as cardboard boxes and instructional pamphlets. We offer packaging solutions, such as temperature control, airtight seals to protect against humidity, padding during shipment, sterility security, and much more. We will take note of any device requirements you may have, and ensure that the medical device packaging we produce adheres to your specifications completely.

We meet all federally mandated standards and are certified to produce quality medical packaging.

We produce all medical device packaging and pharmaceutical packaging in “clean rooms” that prevent contamination from shards of plastic and other particulate, ensuring the highest standards in hygiene and sterility. We understand that, in many cases, these devices prevent and monitor chronic illnesses, and take our responsibilities in creating packaging solutions for this critical equipment.

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