Due to their stability and utilitarian nature, plastic trays are plentiful across the medical industry, particularly in the field of surgery.

Plastic trays are sturdy and stable, making them the preferred packaging solution for medical equipment, like scalpels and forceps. These trays are easy to use in the most urgent of situations, as we design our medical devices packaging to be user-friendly, but entirely sterile.

Whether you produce surgical equipment or other devices used in the medical industry, our plastic trays will protect your items during shipment, keeping medical professionals and patients safe from microbes and other harmful contaminants.

Protect Your Equipment from Contamination

Everyone knows that hospitals are virtual breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and viruses. While personnel do everything in their power to maintain a clean environment, the fact remains that an establishment that cares for sick people will inevitably prove a prolific breeding ground for microbes.

When a surgical team prepares, they take special precautions to remove all potential contaminants from the room, a process that can be time-consuming. Similarly, when manufacturing sterile packaging solutions, our team utilizes our certified clean room to ensure all packaging materials are free of contaminants. All medical products are secured in our covered plastic trays and are safe for medical use.

Medical Packaging Solutions

With decades of experience servicing the medical and pharmaceutical industries, Plastic Ingenuity is an industry leader in safety and innovation. No matter what your company produces, our design team will develop a packaging solution that meets and exceeds your expectations.

To learn about the hygiene standards in our clean rooms, contact us.