Polypropylene, the namesake plastic used in PP packaging, contains a number of unique properties that make it well-suited for certain applications.

Plastic is one of the most versatile man-made materials. Part of this lies in its universal utility, and part has to do with the diversity of plastics available. The plastic you select depends on a variety of factors, including your product’s logistical requirements.

Below are some key applications to consider utilizing PP packaging:

Laboratory or Medical Equipment

Products like plastic trays need to be non-porous and, in some cases, reusable. Polypropylene is ideal for this, as it can provide an opaque plastic tray through thermoforming, producing PP packaging that is completely durable. Moreover, PP packaging can withstand extreme temperatures, meaning it won’t melt or interfere with laboratory results due to chemical leaching.

Hinged Openings

Because polypropylene is incredibly durable and difficult to tear, we can produce PP packaging with highly functional hinges. This is critical if you want your clients to be able to reuse or protect certain products, such as cosmetics or food products.

Food Storage

Because it can withstand high temperatures, PP packaging is also ideal for food containers. Some can even be reheated, depending on the method used.

General Retail

Polypropylene can be put to a number of uses, and can be used to package heavy duty and more delicate products. Ask a packaging specialist what they would recommend depending on your packaging design and the design of your product.