Also known as polypropylene, PP packaging is incredibly useful across a number of industries, from cosmetics to food.

Deciding on what type of plastic is ideal for packaging your products can be complicated. While you can always rely on your plastic packaging company to give you direct, informed answers, it helps to have some background information first.

Medical Industry

PP packaging provides a non-porous, sterile, and opaque surface, making it ideal for medical equipment, like plastic trays. It prevents light from entering, which is critical for certain substances and equipment. It can also withstand high and low temperatures, making PP packaging and trays ideal for lab work. It is the go-to plastic in the medical industry.


By aligning PP molecules in the right direction, a plastic packaging company can create plastic hinges that are flexible and virtually unbreakable. This is critical for products like cosmetics and other containers that involve repeated use.

Food and General Storage

Its ability to create hinges and withstand high temperatures makes PP packaging incredibly popular in the food industry, especially for products like breath mints, soup stock, or plastic boxes. You can find PP packaging in nearly every aisle of any retail store.

To find out if PP packaging would work for your product, contact our packaging experts.