Plastic Ingenuity has worked for decades to become the premier packaging organization, producing custom packaging, medical packaging, and more.

Plastic trays prove useful across a wide spectrum of industries. They are used for purposes as varied as holding surgical equipment, packaging delicate equipment, and packaging and displaying food.

As a plastic packaging company with decades of industry experience, Plastic Ingenuity has perfected our methods of crafting durable, versatile, and even specialty plastic trays capable of serving our clients in the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries.

Discover what sets our plastic packaging company apart.

Since we first started out as a custom packaging company, Plastic Ingenuity has researched and perfected our thermoforming and vacuum-forming methods. As a result, not only are we able to begin production on your plastic trays quickly and efficiently, we are also able to craft unique designs specifically tailored to meet your company’s, and your customers’, needs. The design specialists at our plastic packaging company can craft unique plastic trays within a week, then submit prototypes that meet your specifications before beginning production in our eco-friendly, on-site facilities.

Unique plastic trays that serve every industry and every purpose.

Whether you require high-quality, sterile plastic trays for surgical equipment or larger plastic trays for the food industry, our custom packaging company is prepared to craft a unique tray to meet your purposes. We extrude our own plastic sheets, and offer a variety of colors and types of plastic depending on your requirements.