You can’t take risks or cut corners when packaging medical supplies. Medical products come in a variety of sizes, values, and, in some cases, are popular tools for abuse. Because of this, you need to protect your product and your investment by packaging it securely. A company with experience in the medical packaging industry can provide you with security, particularly if you opt to use plastic medical packaging.

Security and Sterility

Medical devices and tools, along with medicine itself, require packaging that is extremely secure. This not only deters theft, but also ensures the continued sterility of the product. Packaging manufacturers experienced in working with medical supplies and medicines understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of what they package, because a compromised medical product can cause problems for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

How Packaging Manufacturers Do It

Manufacturers that are equipped to create packaging for the medical industry don’t use just any facility for their plastic. Medical products require such sterility that packaging companies set up special clean room environments in which to produce the actual packaging. Equipped with special air filtration and pressurization systems, these rooms are designed so that you can manufacture plastic medical packages without exposing those packages, and therefore, the product itself, to anything that would compromise their integrity.

Varying Levels of Security

When you work with a company that provides custom packaging solutions, you can allow your product to determine the type of packaging it needs. For example, if you are manufacturing small, high-value medical supplies, like insulin pumps or blood sugar testing devices, you may want the added security of thermoformed plastic packaging, which cannot be opened as quickly or easily as simpler clamshell designs. Conversely, if you want your product to be easily accessible, custom easy-open packaging enables people to access your product quickly, easily, and without the use of scissors.

Working with a company that does its own custom design and manufacturing enables you to tailor your packaging to your product. To learn more about medical packaging options, contact Plastic Ingenuity today.