We produce safe, sterile packaging plastic for the medical industry.

Plastic Ingenuity knows what’s at stake when it comes to medical packaging plastic. Medical supplies, like blood monitors and syringes, must be kept sterile and protected against damage during shipping, but their packaging must also be easy to open in the event of an emergency. To meet these criteria, Plastic Ingenuity produces all medical and pharmaceutical packaging plastic in clean rooms that are ISO-certified as Class 8. We install and regularly check our HEPA filters to remove allergens, meaning that our medical plastic packaging is completely safe from microbial and particulate contamination.

Our Plastic Packaging Capabilities

Your medical supply company can choose from a number of options when it comes to our packaging plastic. Medical supplies require specific protections, which is why we allow you to choose from HIPS, PVC, PETG, and other high-grade plastic when designing your packaging. We offer thermoforming and vacuum-forming to assure maximum protection, building custom molds based on the products you offer. Because we handle every stage of production from consulting to manufacturing, you can typically expect to see your first packaging prototype within a week and an efficient production time upon your approval.

Our Medical Packaging Designs

While we are able to manufacture a number of distinct, custom packaging designs when it comes to packaging plastic, medical supplies can generally be accommodated by our:

  • Blister Packs
  • Surgical Trays
  • Thermoformed Plastic
  • SafeEdge Trays
  • Custom Designs

If your products pose unique packaging challenges, contact our team. Plastic Ingenuity specializes in designing safe, custom packaging solutions that meets the needs of you, your clients, and their patients.