Medicine and food aren’t the only industries that require high-quality, durable, and sterile plastic trays. In addition to withstanding extreme temperatures, Plastic Ingenuity’s plastic trays are non-porous, easily sterilized, airtight, and customizable.

Which packaging plastic is best for your needs?

Plastic Ingenuity extrudes plastic sheets between .010” to .100” with many color options, and many types of packaging plastic. This includes heat-tolerant plastic, bio-degradable plastic, plastic with additives, colorful plastic, and more. No matter what type of plastic your company needs, you’ll find a working option at Plastic Ingenuity.

We produce our medical and scientific plastic trays in certified clean rooms to eliminate hazardous particulate and other contaminants, and meet all federal requirements regarding hygiene and production. Our workers are highly trained and will be able to offer recommendations to make sure you receive the best packaging plastic for your purposes.

Maintain hygiene requirements and express your brand identity with our packaging plastic.

We offer a number of thermoforming techniques, including embossing. Whether you want your brand logo or instructions for use on the back of the trays, our team will be happy to create plastic trays specific to your company.

No matter which industry you work in, Plastic Ingenuity will create plastic trays that work for you. Visit our resource library for additional packaging design information.