Plastic trays are integral to such industries as medical devices packaging, scientific research, work-in-process trays, and much more.

Depending on which industry you work in, our expert packaging manufacturers can create customized plastic trays that meet your needs precisely. Here are just a few examples of how our plastic trays can be put to use across various industries:


Plastic trays are often integral to surgeries. Surgical equipment, like scalpels and forceps, are stored in specialized plastic trays that keep them sterile until use. Surgical assistants also set used equipment on plastic trays to keep them organized and to avoid contaminating clean equipment.

Pharmaceutical/Scientific Research

Our packaging manufacturers create high-quality, non-porous plastic trays, making them ideal for controlled studies. They won’t interact with chemical or biological agents, and provide the utmost sterility to prevent external contaminants from interfering in the study. Our innovative packaging solutions include sterile, custom-molded pharmaceutical packaging as well.

Medical Devices

We create specialized plastic trays and various plastic packaging options to serve as secure medical devices packaging. This entails absolute security during shipment and provides a helpful storage solution once the product is in use.

Our plastic manufacturers and designers are happy to design custom trays to suit your company’s needs. If your company needs plastic trays for any of the above uses, or for an application not listed, contact us today.