From blood sugar monitors to microchips, Plastic Ingenuity produces a diverse list of medical devices packaging by thermoforming plastic of the highest quality.

Thermoforming makes for sterile and durable medical packaging.

When you think of how many items, from stethoscopes to MRI machines, are categorized as “medical devices,” it’s no small wonder that Plastic Ingenuity manufactures a wide range of medical device packages.

Our regular facility updates ensure that our team is utilizing the latest manufacturing technology and methods to produce customized, efficient packaging solutions to our customers.

We extrude our own plastic sheets to maintain and control our standards in quality. From there, our engineers build packaging for medical devices in clean rooms that meet all federal standards, providing your company with packaging that meets a new standard in sterility and durability.

We control every level of production, from custom design to plastic thermoforming.

Oftentimes, our customers are continually doing research to improve the quality of their medical devices, whether the goal is to make the device more compact, user-friendly, or accurate. This yields devices that change in shape, size, and weight each year, which means that the current plastic packaging won’t necessarily be relevant for the next model. That’s why Plastic Ingenuity offers custom designs.

Our partners meet with one of our design consultants to discuss the details of the package design, including its dimensions, strength, color, and sterility. From there, we will create a prototype by thermoforming plastic that meets the specifications. Once approved, our facility is equipped to manufacture the custom package, resulting in improved speed to market.