Plastic Ingenuity designs and manufactures a large selection of medical device packaging by training our thermoformers extensively on industry standards.

When you think of the diversity of the items categorized as “medical devices”—everything from low-tech stethoscopes to MRI machines—you can understand why it’s important to take a flexible, innovative approach to product packaging. Plastic Ingenuity constantly trains our thermoformer team to ensure they are familiar with federal standards and the latest techniques involved in creating advanced polyethylene packaging. In so doing, we expand our capabilities, allowing us to create medical devices packaging for nearly every product on the spectrum.

We customize packaging to keep up with your innovations.

Your team conducts continual research and development to increase the accuracy of your devices and make them more user-friendly. As a result, a given device can change in shape, size, and weight dramatically with each new model, meaning that your last order of medical devices packaging won’t necessarily be relevant to a new design. That’s why Plastic Ingenuity’s designers and thermoformers offer custom packaging designs to accommodate the changing trends and knowledge in the medical industry.

Our design and thermoformer teams work together to produce exemplary medical devices packaging.

To begin this process, you’ll meet with a design specialist to detail the specific requirements of your company’s devices, including its dimensions, vulnerabilities, and temperature requirements. From there, our team will design and create a prototype by thermoforming plastic over a new, custom mold. Upon approval, our thermoformer team will begin production on your new medical devices packaging in clean rooms in a thoroughly efficient and sterile manner.

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