Find stock and custom plastic trays to package medical supplies, food, and more!

A variety of plastic trays for a variety of industries.

When it comes to supplying our clients with the plastic trays they need, Plastic Ingenuity has the skill set and facilities necessary to begin the manufacturing process on custom and stock products quickly. Our design specialists have decades of experience designing plastic trays for the medical industry and other fields, meaning they are already familiar with industry regulations and what your company’s needs likely entail. You will be able to browse our food-specific stock designs, and if none of those suit your particular needs, you can request a custom design specifically tailored to your company.

How It Works

Because we extrude our own plastic sheets in a number of different gauges and materials, we are able to design and manufacture plastic trays of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For custom packages, our design specialists will consult with you regularly to ensure that their work aligns perfectly with your needs. Upon design approval, you will be able to see a working model of your unique, custom plastic trays to ensure full functionality upon production.

Types of Plastic Trays

We provide a number of different options when it comes to plastic trays. You may specify the dimensions, shape, and finish of the trays, depending on your needs. Some of the plastic trays we produce include:

  • Surgical Trays
  • Standard Trays
  • SafeEdge Trays
  • Custom Trays

Why Plastic Ingenuity?

With decades of experience, Plastic Ingenuity produces a variety of innovative plastic trays designs for the medical industry. Using techniques like thermoforming plastic, we are able to design and produce unique, safe, user-friendly packaging in an efficient and convenient manner. To learn more about our services, call Plastic Ingenuity at (608) 798-3071 or contact us online today.