The medical products that hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and patients use every day need to have a high level of security.

Medications, for example, are unique because despite their small size, they are very valuable. A relatively expensive over-the-counter medication, therefore, may require a package that appears, at first glance, to be oversized. This type of oversized packaging can help to deter theft and tampering.

In addition to deterring theft, medical packaging is also required to provide security against contaminants and damage during transport. This is especially true for medical devices, such as surgical tools, syringes, and testing kits. With sterile procedures, however, packaging companies are able to keep medical equipment safe and secure without sacrificing accessibility.

Accessible Packaging Solutions

Not all medical products require strong theft protection. For example, emergency medical products used in a professional environment need to be easily and quickly accessible. Plastic medical packaging can be designed with easy-opening in mind, so that medical treatment professionals don’t have to waste time opening difficult packaging. For this reason, a packaging company that specializes in medical packaging must be versatile, so that it can provide products for a variety of purposes throughout the field.

Secure and Sterile Packaging

Medical packaging needs to be secure not just superficially, but also at a microscopic level. If plastic medical packaging is compromised, then the product inside could be damaged and unusable. Because of these high stakes, packaging companies have to be diligent and avoid cutting corners when creating custom packaging for the medical industry.

Special trimming systems, for example, may eliminate the presence of foreign bodies in the material. In fact, the entire manufacturing process may take place in a clean-room environment, complete with advanced air filtration and purification systems, controlled pressurization, sterile handling procedures, and other measures that ensure the safety and quality of the product being manufactured.

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