Our Processes


Plastic Ingenuity is a vertically integrated company. PI controls every element of the process: part design, tooling design, tool fabrication, machine building, extrusion, and thermoforming.

This vertical integration allows PI to more efficiently produce high-quality parts and more effectively manage our packaging capabilities. Furthermore, PI is able to offer a full range of services and products that produce superior results for our customers. Our plastic packaging capabilities encompass the needs of clients across industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Medical Device Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Food Processors
  • Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Retail Manufacturers and Distributors

Plastic Ingenuity offers advanced product design services and creates working prototypes to allow our customers to see exactly what their finished product will look like before we begin full-scale production. PI builds custom molds and tools in a manner that will reproduce the design accurately and consistently. With ten highly advanced plastic sheet extruders on site, PI can ensure that project materials are available when needed without relying on outside suppliers. As a result, we can offer faster turnaround times for urgent projects.

Our in-house thermoforming professionals ensure the highest-quality finished products for small test runs and large-scale production orders. At every stage of the process, PI provides outstanding communication and service for our valued customers. Our quality assurance standards are ISO 9001 certified, and designed to ensure that every element of the project meets exacting specifications and meets the needs of the customer in every detail. Our commitment to quality and precision allows us to lead the market in innovative packaging solutions.