Protect your cosmetics with packaging containers that display, protect, and market.

Sample sets and gifts sets are imperative to the cosmetics industry. For this reason, packaging for cosmetics sets tends toward the colorful and the showy. Soap sets are packaged in plastic trays that double as soap dishes. Makeup is packaged in specialized cosmetics containers—palette packaging, sprinkling jars for loose pigment powder, and other packaging for cosmetics. Some contain unique elements, like clasps and magnets, and some are simpler to allow for easy recycling. Depending on your company and products, Plastic Ingenuity will work to develop distinctive, innovative packaging for your cosmetic products, whether you make soaps, lotions, makeup, cosmetic tools, or a new product entirely.

Use plastic trays and other cosmetics containers to package singles and sets

No matter how many packages for cosmetics you need, you should always consider what they say about your brand identity. Packaging for cosmetics are a powerful marketing tool—they appear in stores, online, and, in some cases, in your print and television ads. To take advantage of this aspect of cosmetics containers, you should request packaging that reflects your brand identity. Paint or emboss your company logo on clamshell containers, incorporate graphics, and request shapes that reflect your logo and brand identity. Every step you take to differentiate your products from those of your competitors will serve to make your products look more appealing and memorable to potential buyers.

Packaging for cosmetics tools like tweezers, eyelash curlers, extractors, brushes, and more

Cosmetics only work as well as the tools with which they are applied. If you manufacture makeup brushes or other cosmetics implements, you know how important it is that these products remain intact. Dropping products with blades, such as cuticle clippers, can dull them. Products made with soft bristles, whether they are from organic or synthetic sources, sometimes require extra protection during transport, though they don’t always require extensive cosmetics packaging beyond this. Different products entail different considerations with regard to cosmetics containers, and the packaging experts at Plastic Ingenuity will discuss your specific requirements at length before designing a unique, custom package for your product.

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