We’ll show you just how utilitarian PET packaging can be!

We all know that plastic is the most versatile man-made substance on the planet, but did you know that PET packaging, made from polyethylene tephthalate, is the most versatile plastic of all? Not only does PET packaging make for some of the sturdiest packaging on the market; it can also be used to make textiles, like polyester. Sail manufacturers rely on PET for its resilience and flexibility, and so do packaging manufacturers! To learn more about this versatile material, read on.

What makes PET packaging so popular?

Polyethylene terephthalate is incredibly flexible on its own, but it is also remarkable in its ability to incorporate additives. While plastic additives get a lot of bad press, the additives in PET packaging are actually harmless once they are integrated. They include glass and other particulates, which your packaging manufacturer will integrate during production. This process is similar to that of making metal alloy—your packaging manufacturer will add different materials to yield high-quality PET packaging that presents several properties.

What does this do for your PET packaging?

By adding different components to PET, your plastic manufacturer is able to create customized PET packaging that meets your company’s and product’s needs. Not only will your PET packaging be made out of the ideal plastic—Plastic Ingenuity can create customized shapes as well. By doing so, we ensure that your products are safe during shipping and eye-catching on the shelves, all courtesy of the PET packaging.

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