We’ve spent decades perfecting our approach to PET packaging. To discover our facilities and unique approach to designing packages, read on.

Since we first entered the packaging industry, Plastic Ingenuity has been wholly committed to providing our clients with unique packaging designs, including containers made from high-grade PET packaging. Each of our packaging design specialists has considerable training in determining which type of plastic is best for any given customer order. Whether you need PET packaging or custom packaging made from polypropylene, you’re guaranteed to get the right type, thickness, color, and quality of plastic when you work with our skilled staff.

Creating PET Packaging Takes Heat, Energy, and Environmental Commitment

Because we conduct plastic thermoforming in our own facilities, we are aware of the potential drawbacks this method can pose. As its name implies, thermoforming involves a great deal of heat, and temperature has a huge impact on the environment. We use water to cool down our molds while working on PET packaging, then quickly remove the water to return it to its natural temperature. From there, we purify and return the water to nearby streams, where it poses no harm to the wildlife and is quickly re-oxygenated.

A Streamlined Packaging Design to Cut Back on Waste

Our package designs are also eco-friendly—in addition to offering conventional PET packaging, we offer biodegradable options and are judicious in our use of plastic. Most of our packaging is recyclable and clearly labeled to better direct your customers to the appropriate facilities. We use our own extruded plastic sheets and are constantly looking for new ways to create more eco-friendly packaging.

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