Pharmaceutical packaging presents some of the greatest challenges in the packaging industry. Packaging for these critical healthcare products requires extreme care and attention to detail to avoid contamination and ensure maximum protectiveness and visibility for pharmaceutical products.

All processing must take place in dust-free and hygienic surroundings. Plastic Ingenuity provides a range of pharmaceutical packaging services designed to provide protection and visibility to these vital elements of medical care.

Clean Room Technology


Plastic Ingenuity performs its pharmaceutical packaging processes in an ISO-certified Class VIII clean room, ensuring that the entire process is completed with minimal interference from particulate matter.

Additionally, Plastic Ingenuity's team of engineers have created and installed an advanced proprietary trimming system that catches and eliminates the fine trimmings and particulate matter that is produced during the trimming process. This process helps ensure the cleanest, most precise pharmaceutical packaging services available. The trimming system also saves our staff on cleaning time and saves our company money; we then pass the savings on to our customers.

Available Services

Plastic Ingenuity provides a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging supplies and services.

We offer pharmaceutical products packaging for: Class I, II, and III medical devices; sterile barrier systems for implants and other sterile items; surgical kit trays featuring the exclusive SafeEdge tray system; unit-dose packaging; and point-of-sale packaging for various products. While we primarily produce medical grade trays, clamshells, and blister packaging for the pharmaceutical market, other configurations and custom designs are available from our highly skilled design staff.

Unit-Dose Packaging


One of the predominant packaging techniques in the pharmaceutical industry, blister pack packaging, is convenient for patients and provides solid protection against damage and contamination.

Tamper-evident packaging ensures that consumers receive the medication in the manner the physician and pharmaceutical company intended.

Additionally, blister packs offer unmatched convenience for consumers since one pill can be dispensed at a time, while others remain fresh and protected inside the package. This unit-dose packaging method is also useful in improving the compliance rate of patients; studies have shown that patients are more conscientious about taking their required dosages when those dosages are presented in unit dose packages.

Barrier Materials

PI has the ability to include barrier materials in the products they supply to their customers.

Barrier materials are necessary elements of most pharmaceutical packaging supplies, since they prevent moisture or air from degrading the contents of the packages. These barriers provide added protection against changes in the chemical makeup of the medication and offer more security for patients, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies, especially when combined with tamper-evident packaging.


Plastic Ingenuity also uses Aclar for pharmaceutical applications.

This advanced substance offers transparency and is biochemically inert, so it won't react with the chemical compounds inside the packaging. Because it can be sterilized using both heat and radiation, it offers unmatched flexibility for manufacturing and pharmaceutical needs.

COC Compounds

One of the most recent additions to PI's pharmaceutical packaging materials lineup is the family of cyclic olefin copolymers, more commonly known as COC materials.

Fully customizable with chemical alterations, COC compounds can be used in a variety of medical supply and pharmaceutical applications. PI's customers can benefit from the high tensile strength, rigidity, and acid and alkaline resistance provided by COC materials. Additionally, these materials can be combined and co-extruded with a variety of other plastics in order to produce even more configurations for our customers.

Plastic Ingenuity partners with pharmaceutical companies to produce the most protective and cost-effective solutions for their packaging needs. PI constantly innovates and investigates new ways to provide the packaging services pharmaceutical companies need in order to deliver the gifts of health and wellness to their customers.