We constantly update our facilities to provide increase speed and cleanliness for the production of medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Learn more about our plastic packaging facilities today.

Medication is administered through a number of methods, so Plastic Ingenuity takes special care to ensure that our pharmaceutical packaging is specifically designed to ensure the freshness, safety, and ease of opening that both medical professionals and patients demand. Our facilities can make plastic packaging for all medications, including pen syringes, tablets, capsules, salves, and more. Whether you produce over-the-counter medications or innovative medication that must be tested, Plastic Ingenuity can begin production on pharmaceutical packaging that provides the ultimate in convenience, sterility, and above all, safety.

Thermoforming creates custom, airtight containers for all of our plastic packaging.

In addition to creating and maintaining clean rooms that eliminate moisture, microbes and particulates from our production process, Plastic Ingenuity uses advanced plastic thermoforming techniques perfectly suited for the production of pharmaceutical packaging. Whether you need blister packs or trays that conform to the shape of an ointment tube or syringe, Plastic Ingenuity can produce a prototype of a unique plastic packaging design within a week. Depending on your order, we can also provide packaging in unique colors, or conform to your company’s color palette for branding purposes.

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