Showcase your research and development with Plastic Ingenuity. We provide unique, customized packaging for pharmaceuticals to enhance your brand identity. Learn more about our packaging for products, like low-dose pills and other medications.

Pharmaceutical packaging is a demanding service that requires the utmost precision and care. Not only do we provide our thermoformers with ongoing training; we’ve also established and maintained clean rooms in our facilities. As a result, our pharmaceutical packaging meets and exceeds federal standards surrounding sterility and safety. This guarantee has allowed our thermoformers to go beyond the basic blister pack to produce pharmaceutical packaging that will actively market and highlight your brand's name.

Discover how we thermoform in utterly sterile conditions.

Whether you need pharmaceutical packaging for use by patients or medical professionals, hygiene and sterility are likely among your chief concerns. Our themoformers know this, which is why they take extra precautions in creating airtight seals in all pharmaceutical packaging. In so doing, they prevent plastic dust, microbes, and oxidizing agents from making contact with sensitive medication. This process results in sterile, user-friendly pharmaceutical packaging for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products.

Boosting Your Branding Efforts

Do you want your buyers to associate your brand with a particular color? Have you made a concentrated effort to update your graphics? If so, our thermoformers can help. We can seal blister packs with printed cardboard or aluminum backing, provide distinctive perforations, and emboss your logo on all of your packaging for pharmaceuticals. This serves to amplify your branding efforts, and remind consumers and medical professionals of their preferred brand.

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You can find pharmaceutical packaging for any manner of medication, from liquid to capsules to aerosols. Plastic Ingenuity employs the best-trained thermoformers in the industry. Contact our team for a free consultation.