We extrude our own sheets of packaging plastic to design and manufacture customized pharmaceutical packaging.

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly researching new medications, which means that several new, FDA-approved products are released every year. To distinguish your products, you’ll need pharmaceutical packaging that provides necessary features, like childproofing and waterproofing, while remaining attractive and easy to open.

Whether you need sample-sized product packaging or sterile packaging for syringes, Plastic Ingenuity can provide the pharma packaging you need to protect and distinguish your product.

We use high-quality packaging plastic to protect your products.

To protect your pharmaceuticals from light exposure, moisture, puncture, and other potential hazards, we extrude our own packaging plastic in varying degrees of thickness. We produce all medical and pharmaceutical packaging in approved clean rooms to eliminate particulates and other contaminants. This ensures that your products are safe during the packaging process, in transit, and in storage. If desired, we can also emboss expiration dates on our custom packaging to ensure potency and safety.

We design customized pharmaceutical packaging.

Whether you need blister packs for birth control pills or indented trays for syringes, we will create a custom pharma packaging design that adheres to your specifications perfectly. If required, we also offer different colors of polypropylene, polyethylene, and other plastics to match your company’s colors or to protect your products from light.

To learn more about our pharmaceutical packaging and our custom packaging design service, contact our team today.