Pharmaceutical products must be treated with special care when it comes to packaging. In addition to protecting pills, liquids, and syringes during shipment, pharmaceutical packaging must ensure absolute sterility.

With decades in the pharma packaging industry, Plastic Ingenuity is well aware of what is at stake when it comes to packaging pharmaceutical supplies, medical devices, and medications. We offer customized packaging for over-the-counter and prescription medication alike, including sample product packaging, that ensures your pharmaceutical products will reach their patients safely.

Why Customization Matters

While a number of pharmaceuticals are of similar shape or size, pharmaceutical companies often require design customization to ensure the proper dose, to offer additional protection during shipping, or to make a more attractive display. For this reason, we offer ongoing consultation for all of our custom designs to discuss what is needed out of the pharma packaging design. Certain factors, like whether blister packs will adhere to foil or cardboard, make a big difference when it comes to packaging design and materials, and Plastic Ingenuity is committed to ensuring the integrity and quality of our pharma packaging.

Our Qualifications for Pharma Packaging

Plastic Ingenuity takes special care in designing and manufacturing our pharma packaging. Our facilities are:

  • Dust-free
  • ISO-certified Class 8 Rooms
  • Configured to trap trimmings and particulate
  • Designed to use Aclar and other biologically neutral components
  • COC-compatible

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We produce blister packs, SafeEdge surgical trays, medical devices packaging, and custom medical and pharmaceutical packaging for the healthcare industry. All of our pharma packaging is safe, sterile, and affordable. To learn more about our pharma packaging abilities, contact us online or call us today at (608) 798-3071.