Thermoforming is a decades-old technology, but Plastic Ingenuity is still making continual improvements to this process. In addition to extruding our own plastic sheets to conduct a thorough quality control on our plastic, we also make continual improvements to our facilities.

Because we produce a high volume of pharmaceutical packaging, this entails creating and maintaining clean rooms that adhere to the latest federal standards.

In addition, our team makes regular adjustments to our equipment. By doing so, not only do we reduce the amount of plastic dust produced while thermoforming plastic; we also increase the production rate for our custom packaging projects.

How thermoforming plastic creates superior pharmaceutical packaging.

As anyone working in the pharmaceutical or medical industry knows, hygiene and sterility are the chief concerns, whether you need pharmaceutical packaging for patients or for medical professionals.

Thermoforming plastic, whether through traditional thermoforming or vacuum-forming, creates an absolute airtight seal in all pharmaceutical packaging plastic. This prevents contamination from particulate, microbes, moisture, and oxidizing factors. When conducted in the clean rooms at Plastic Ingenuity’s thermoforming plastic facilities, this process results in absolutely sterile, thoroughly functional pharmaceutical packaging for pills, syringes, and other medications.