Plastic Ingenuity’s commitment to quality at all phases of the packaging process was the primary motivating factor in our decision, in 1976, to extrude our own plastic sheet material for use in our packaging products.

Plastic sheet extrusion is the first step in the thermoforming process. Many companies contract with third-party suppliers to buy already-extruded materials for use in their manufacturing operations, but at Plastic Ingenuity, we perform our own plastic sheet extrusion for most of our resin types and, as a result, can offer our customers superior traceability throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.

Unlike other thermoform suppliers, the PI team truly understands the extrusion process; they fully understand how plastic is formed and what complications may occur in production, and they’re able to clearly communicate this to us.
— Michelle Shin, Mobile Division Coordinator
LG Electronics

Major Advantages

Because we perform extrusion and tool building in-house, we can exercise complete control over scheduling and provide improved turnaround times for our customers, allowing them to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

plastic sheet

We have 14 extrusion lines and can run many different materials with a wide range of material thicknesses. Our team is able to run both extremely long or short runs, and our resin is delivered via rail car, providing significant cost benefits that are typically passed on to our customers. We can extrude plastic in a variety of different base materials and blends, including:

  • PET, utility PET, and PET side-by-side
  • HIPS, utility HIPS, HIPS side-by-side, HIPS clear blends crystal, Finaprene rubber blend, and HIPS high-gloss co-ex
  • PETG
  • HDPE
  • ABS
  • Barrier laminates
  • Homopolymer and copolymer polypropylene

We can produce consistent gauges ranging from .010” to .080” and sheets up to 55” in width. This level of control over every part of the process allows PI to provide fast, cost-effective services for our customers.