Product Lines

Plastic Ingenuity provides stock packaging and a wide range of custom packaging products for our customers.

Plastic Ingenuity is vertically integrated and controls every aspect of the development and production process — design through prototyping, extrusion of raw materials, mold and tool building, and forming finished packages. These capabilities provide our clients with unparalleled speed to market.

Our speed of service and attention to detail make us a market leader in the plastics packaging marketplace, while our green packaging technologies allow us to provide top-quality service to environmentally conscious companies throughout the country.

Innovation is one of Plastic Ingenuity’s key strengths. They listen to their customers and can take an idea through to fruition. I can call PI and propose something, and they’re able to take my idea and create a finished product.
— Packaging Engineer Manager at Fresh Express

Product Lines

PI’s custom packaging product lines are designed to serve the medical and pharmaceutical industries with clean room processing. Plastic Ingenuity also provides thermoforming services to retailers and food service industry companies.

Additionally, for cosmetics, cell phone, and wireless customers, PI offers customized solutions with easy-to-open convenience and robust product protection.

Innovative Design

Products Clamshell Plastic Ingenuity offers a number of proprietary package designs, which include Latchables, Twist-and-Lock, SafeEdge inward flange trays, and EasyOpen packages.

These proprietary designs provide unique packaging solutions that can create a better impression on consumers and protect against minor injuries during opening. PI's engineers have also devised a means of increasing the heat resistance in all-natural polylactic acid (PLA) materials in order to allow PLA to be used in a much wider range of products.