Speedy production and distinctive packaging for cosmetics.

Gorgeous Packaging for Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry promulgates beauty, so packaging for cosmetics needs to display products in a thoroughly attractive manner. In most cases, product packaging includes a cardboard or plastic component displaying visually appealing graphics, often including a model or sample colors for the products. In other cases, a logo with information will suffice. Some cosmetics must be stored in opaque containers to protect their components from deterioration due to light exposure.

Meeting the unique challenges posed by the different formulas and compositions present in the cosmetics industry requires a diversified approach to packaging for cosmetics, and Plastic Ingenuity’s packaging design specialists and thermoforming technicians are more than ready to rise to the occasion.

Packaging for Cosmetics Requires Speed

One would think that serving the product packaging needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industries would be our most difficult task, but, in fact, every industry receives the full dedication of our staff. The cosmetics industry poses unique challenges due to the seasonal and highly competitive nature of cosmetics. Even when formulas don’t change (and due to the cosmetics industry’s commitment to research, they generally do), certain sectors of the cosmetics industry, such as makeup, are subject to frequent changes in the fashion industry and consumer demand.

Graphic trends change, product designs change. Just as packaging for retail changes with the market, packaging for cosmetics must follow suit—and quickly—in order to keep up with seasonal changes in the cosmetics industry. We also produce green packaging solutions, such as biodegradable packaging, making us a natural fit for cosmetics companies that are committed to producing organic, eco-friendly products.

How to Reach Us

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