We’re constantly upgrading our molding of plastics, resulting in high-quality, durable, and attractive packaging for retail.

For decades, Plastic Ingenuity has worked to make the molding of plastics as efficient as possible. We upgrade our facilities regularly, keep every mechanism in optimal working order, eliminate impurities and other contaminants, all to ensure that our packaging for retail is the best on the market. From extrusion to thermoforming to vacuum-forming to embossing, we perform all critical functions in our own facilities, controlling every step of the process and ensuring the integrity of our packaging.

Packaging for retail that fits your products, highlights their features, and showcases your brand!

Our molding of plastics allows us to create packaging in nearly any shape. You can specify dimensions and even request particular features, like an empty portion that allows customers to test the product in stores, or a specific pattern or logo. Our packaging for retail is available in nearly any color and any type of plastic. You can highlight your company’s colors, enforce your brand identity, and showcase your creativity—all through the molding of plastics!

Eco-friendly processes reduce your company’s environmental impact!

Plastic Ingenuity is committed to producing high-quality packaging for retail with as little environmental impact as possible. We offer biodegradable plastics and options made from wood pulp. In addition, during the molding of plastics, we divert our waste heat through our own facilities and cool all water completely before returning it to the environment.

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