Find out how Plastic Ingenuity is changing the game when it comes to plastic packaging, like cell phone packaging.

The technology sector is easily the most rapidly evolving industry. New devices are released on a daily basis, which makes finding proper plastic packaging a top priority for most technology firms. Cell phone packaging in particular poses unique challenges, not just because phones come in different shapes, but because they need to be attractive and user-friendly to make in-store demonstrations go more efficiently. Cell phone packaging must also protect cell phones during shipment, though this is in some cases not as important, as most cell phones are designed to withstand falls due to human error.

Find out what Plastic Ingenuity is doing to create ideal product packaging for cell phones.

Because creating cell phone packaging involves creating packaging for retail, Plastic Ingenuity strives to make our plastic packaging as durable and as user-friendly as possible. Most consumers will request an in-store demonstration of the phone’s functionality, a process that sometimes involves examining multiple phones. Easy-to-open cell phone packaging makes this process a lot faster, reducing the amount of time consumers and store employees spend in determining the right phone. We use high-quality packaging plastic, like polyethylene, to ensure that multiple demonstrations do not harm the packaging itself.

Use cell phone packaging to enhance your brand identity.

Product packaging provides your company with a unique opportunity when it comes to enforcing your brand identity. This involves graphics, but you can also use Plastic Ingenuity’s plastic thermoforming capabilities to emboss your logo on all of your cell phone packaging.