For cosmetics old and new, you simply can’t go wrong with plastic clamshells. To learn more about this versatile packaging for cosmetics, read on.

The compact is the ultimate in makeup packaging. It has a certain classic charm, and as tacky as it may be to apply makeup in public, nobody would begrudge a woman a quick glance to ensure her makeup is in place. With its long history, the compact has been made out of every material from wood to metal to plastic, and its design is representative of one of the most common packaging units for cosmetics-that is, the plastic clamshell. With two corresponding components of approximately even size—a hinge and a clasp—the packaging clamshell is useful in nearly every industry. It can provide packaging for food just as easily as it can packaging for cosmetics. While we offer a number of different packaging options for our cosmetics clients, our clamshells remain exceedingly popular.

The shape of a packaging clamshell allows for endless variations.

Clamshells have a simple base design, but changing any of the components can create an entirely different product. Think of the difference between a plastic travel soap dish and a packaging clamshell for produce—same basic hinge and clasp design, but they are made out of entirely different plastics, with distinctive colors, densities, and in some cases, additives. Our packaging for cosmetics is designed to reflect unique products and functions, and you’ll find no shortage of options. We can make clamshells in any shape, so by all means ask us to be creative!

No limit of options when it comes to packaging for cosmetics.

Our facilities offer us nearl-endless flexibility when it comes to design, so don’t be afraid to make unusual requests. We believe that packaging for cosmetics should serve as a means of promoting your brand. Customers will find your products far more memorable if you go with an eye-catching design. This can be achieved through graphics, but distinctive packaging, like uniquely colored packaging clamshells, are just as helpful in creating a visual and tactile memory.

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