Beautiful cosmetics make for beautiful people. Celebrate that with our gorgeous packaging for cosmetics!

Is there a single product more mercurial, more diverse, more consumer-driven than cosmetics? Maybe. But that doesn’t change the fact that packaging companies love creating unique, gorgeous packaging for cosmetics. From baked-in eye shadow trays to your basic plastic tube, packaging for cosmetics is nearly as diverse and original as cosmetics themselves. Each cosmetics brand possesses a unique brand identity and creates unique products for a diverse group of customers. Creating packaging for cosmetics affords plastic packaging companies with the creative challenge of highlighting a product’s properties while appealing to a specific, or general, demographic, depending on the brand.

We design packaging for cosmetics that works for everyone!

Plastic Ingenuity realizes that cosmetics aren’t just for women—they’re for everyone! Whether you are selling a men’s skincare line, makeup for performers, or lip glosses for teenagers, we know what it takes to make our packaging for cosmetics appeal to your target audience. Moreover, if you have a specific packaging in mind—if you want us to use biodegradable plastic or include certain shapes—we are more than happy to accommodate any requests. From basic packaging to artistic designs, Plastic Ingenuity can create cosmetics packaging unlike anything you’ll find at other packaging companies.

Packaging for cosmetics in any design and any color!

Unlike other packaging companies, Plastic Ingenuity is vertically integrated, meaning we control every level of production. From design to thermoforming, we will make sure that your packaging for cosmetics represents your company to full effect. We control the shape, color, and patterns of your packaging and won’t approve anything until you do.

To find out more about how our packaging for cosmetics will please you and your customers alike, contact us online today, or call us at 608-798-3071.