Stay on top of changing trends by producing distinctive cosmetics containers packaging.

Why the Cosmetics Industry Changes on a Daily Basis

There are a million different factors that influence the products the cosmetics industry develops and, therefore, cosmetic containers packaging. Most cosmetics companies employ a research team to develop new formulas and test their relative efficacy and safety. The makeup artists who work for the fashion industry dictate which colors and textures will be “in” during any given season.

The growing green movement has resulted in more organic or natural options, all of which require unique cosmetic containers packaging, preferably made out of green materials. With so many factors to consider, it is no wonder that so many nationwide cosmetics companies have chosen Plastic Ingenuity for packaging design and the production of customized cosmetics packaging.

Speed is Essential to Cosmetics Containers Packaging

To meet the growing and ever-changing product lines of the cosmetics industry, Plastic Ingenuity’s vertically integrated plastic packaging company offers speedy production and customized cosmetics containers packaging. Our packaging design specialists will consult extensively with cosmetics company representatives before producing a cosmetics packaging prototype. Upon approval, we are able to rapidly mass-produce quality plastic packaging, using our state-of-the-art, on-site facilities.

While we serve a number of larger cosmetics companies, our thermoforming technicians and equipment can handle large and small cosmetics containers packaging orders, making Plastic Ingenuity an ideal choice for cosmetics companies of any size.

How to Reach Plastic Ingenuity

If your company is in need of customized cosmetic containers packaging and speedy production, look to us as your packaging manufacturer.  Contact Plastic Ingenuity today or call us at (608) 798-3071 to consult with one of our cosmetics packaging specialists.