Cosmetic manufacturers need a packaging design that is both functional and noticeable. Eye-catching graphics may draw consumers in, but need to be paired with the functionality of easy-to-open cosmetic products. You’ll also want packaging that can protect your products from theft while remaining user-friendly. See how plastic blister packaging can work for your products.

Custom Molding for Cosmetic Packaging

Because companies market cosmetics primarily for their looks, they need to package them in a way that is protective while still allowing their appearance to shine through. By using custom blister packaging, your product can be adequately protected with the strength of custom-molded plastic packaging, while still remaining attractive to the consumer through the use of an eye-catching graphics card. Custom plastic packaging is user-friendly, too. Consumers can open blister packaging easily, yet this packaging option still lends increased security for your product.

Identifying Your Cosmetic Brand

When consumers are searching for a new cosmetic product to try, they usually choose products with shelf appeal. Cosmetics must have packaging that matches the enticing, gorgeous products inside. With the use of blister packaging, you can emplace a graphics card with your company’s logo and unique design. Since the plastic packaging is transparent, customers will be able to identify your brand seamlessly.

A Packaging Company for Your Needs

Cosmetics aren’t just for women—they’re designed for people with very specific needs in mind. Consumers can use very basic items, like lip chap or a skin care product, or they may be seeking a more specialized cosmetic, like eye shadow.  As a manufacturer, you’ll need a way to appeal to the right market. With custom blister plastic packaging, your products will be protected to fit their particular shape. At Plastic Ingenuity, we can create a cosmetic packaging solution for you.

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