Deciding on a packaging design can be complicated, not just because you want to keep your products secure during shipping, but also because you want your packaging for retail to stand out in stores. It’s the first thing shoppers will see, so you want to make sure your packaging design leaves a clear impression of your brand name, your product quality, and your identity.

How do you want shoppers to feel about your product? Would they have fun with it? Would they work more efficiently? All of these factors will come into play when you work on your packaging for retail. Here are a few ways to get your message across:


Shape isn’t just about function; it contributes greatly to the ways in which customers perceive your products. Think of male, female, and children’s cosmetics as examples. Male toiletries are often packaged in square, “masculine” shapes; female toiletries are in ovals; and children’s toiletries are small—sometimes in unique shapes like stars or triangles. While there may be practical considerations for what shape your packaging design must be, you should also consider your audience and what message you wish to convey.


Is your logo modern, or is it time for a redesign? This may be a question better suited to a graphic design company than a plastic packaging company, but you should still ask about suggestions and capabilities. Part of your packaging for retail is branding, after all. Ask about embossing your logo or otherwise incorporating it into the packaging design.


Do you want clear packaging for product visibility, or colorful packaging to convey fun? There are practical considerations at play—some products require protection from light, whereas others do not. But, if your company's branding has a specified color scheme, you should make it apparent in your packaging design.